Famous Homes from Famous Holiday Movies!

Here is a list of the worlds favorite homes from all the best holiday movies throughout the years. Merry Christmas Eve from all of us at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate- The Jupiter Office.

  1. Home Alone

New owner paid $1.5M for this famous holiday movie home in Winnetka, Illinois.

Check it out on Zillow Here! 


2. Elf

Walter Hobbs (played by James Caan), Buddy’s Birth Father, lived in the upper west side of New York City. They used the 19 floor Condominium Building for exterior shots, but the inside of the apartment was a set. Buddy was played by actor Will Ferrell.


3. The Holiday

Amanda (played by Cameron Diaz) jumps at the chance to spend the holidays in Iris’s Dreamy fairy tale Cottage in England. Below is a picture of the ad that Iris (played by Kate Winslet) placed online as part of a “house swapping” program. Although, it appears to be a dream cottage in the middle of a winter wonderland, it was actually built for the movie and is only a framed house with exterior features.

4. A Christmas Story

Although most of the film was actually filmed in Canada, the house used as Ralphie’s house in the movie is a real house and is actually a museum now for people to go and visit.

5. Miracle on 34th Street

Here is Susan’s dream house in the suburbs. I went on sale in the last few years and has since been renovated.

Are you on the search for your dream home? Just in time for the new year, reach out to one of our dedicated Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Agents and let them find you your dream home.

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